Chihuly in the Garden: Atlanta Botanical Garden

The countdown is on. The current exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures, Chihuly in the Garden, will close October 30 and be replaced with the annual Garden Lights show. There is an option to purchase day tickets or night tickets (they close for an hour in between to clear out the garden). I purchased evening tickets as I wanted to see the sculptures lit up. The tickets are good from 6 p.m until close. I recommend getting there at six while there is still light so you can do a walk around to see the flowers and plants, most of which are nearly impossible to make out once the sun sets. The sculptures are striking in the light and lit up in the dark. It’s quite dark otherwise, even on the pathways.

While you are there, you can also see the annual exhibit Scarecrows in the Garden which displays creative scarecrows created by local businesses and schools.

Some advice: the show is coming to an end so many people are rushing to see it now. I would have liked to see it on a weekday evening in the hopes of the Garden being less crowded than it was on Saturday night, but as I don’t live in the city, I had to choose between driving downtown in weekday traffic or more people. Expect crowds.

Beer and wine is available for purchase.

Get there early or find alternative transportation. Parking is limited in the on site deck.








Scarecrows in the Garden.
Scarecrows in the Garden.
Permanent exhibit.
Scarecrows in the Garden.
Growing rare orchids.
Growing rare orchids.



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