The Forward Warrior Project in Cabbagetown, Atlanta

cabbagetown-atlanta-mapAmazing murals can be found all over Atlanta. I’ve previously written about Art on the Beltline and Living Walls — now it’s time for Forward Warrior. The 2016 event took place on June 9 with 36 artists painting along Wylie and Tennelle Streets and from Krog Tunnel to Carroll Street. Though I wasn’t able to be there to watch the event, I recently walked through the Cabbagetown neighborhood to see the final results.

Cabbagetown was once known as Factory Town, the shotgun homes built for the employees of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, which opened in 1881. There are a couple stories about where the name came from, though none can be confirmed. One is that the residents grew cabbage in their img_0581front yards and that the smell of cooking cabbage was common. Another is that a truck turned over in one of the narrow streets, filling it with cabbage, feasted on by the neighborhood.

It’s good to know the history when you try to navigate the narrow streets, especially making your way down Carroll Street at the same time as someone from the opposite direction. Just consider it part of the experience. It’s also a great place to show visitors. Then you can head over to tour the adjacent Historic Oakland Cemetery.

A bit of Forward Warrior 2016:











Krog Street Tunnel
Krog Street Tunnel connects Cabbagetown to Inman Park.
Krog Street Tunnel.
Krog Street Tunnel.
A home in Cabbage Town.
A home in Cabbagetown.
A wall on Carroll Street.
A wall on Carroll Street.






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