The Tabernacle Music Venue in Atlanta

Once a Baptist church and infirmary, the Tabernacle, opened in 1910, sat empty for several years until the 1996 Olympics when it reopened as a blues club. It has been a music venue ever since. It is one of my favorite concert venues in Atlanta — big enough to attract big names, but not so big you find yourself questioning why you purchased concert tickets to watch a band on a jumbotron. I personally despise arena and stadium venues.


I recently attended the 2016 Garbage concert, which in many ways felt like when I attended the one there in 1998. From the 90s music playing while we waited for the opening band Kristin Kontrol, to the 90s apparel of many attendees — including some Gwen Stefani-style plaid pants and a Daria t-shirt.


The seating is in the balcony levels and the main floor is standing general admission. With the exception of the fact that men over 6 feet tall like to plant themselves in front of me, I’ve never had an issue with finding a good spot. There are bars in the main lobby and to the side of the stage.


The Tabernacle has been through a number of owners, but is currently operated by Live Nation. When you purchase tickets, you have the opportunity to buy advance parking in their deck for $15. Or you can take your chances and look for a cheaper option within the surrounding downtown blocks.

No, not the main entrance, just a gorgeous detail on a beautiful building.
No, definitely not the main entrance, just a gorgeous detail on a beautiful building.

152 Luckie St. NW   Atlanta

(next to the SkyView ferris wheel)


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