Why is Boone, NC worth a visit?

Boone is a charming college town in the mountains and absolutely worth a visit. I travel regularly to nearby Blowing Rock and always spend a day hanging out in Boone. Part of the feel I love so much there comes from Appalachian State University, which is located by the downtown area. Although I’m always there in the summer, Boone is also a popular winter destination for skiers.

Here are a few places I think are worth checking out:

The ASU campus.

18,000 students attend this school in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s hard not to be a pretty campus in a place like this.




The eclectic downtown shops.

Consignment and gift shops, antique and craft stores, hiking apparel — a little something for everyone.


Bald Guy Brew Coffee.

I first found Bald Guy when there was a location in Blowing Rock. That is now Camp Coffee, but I was delighted to find one in Boone this time around. Good coffee. Good pimento cheese. Charming decor.

585 W. King St.



Melanie’s Food Fantasy.  

Boone has a lot of culinary options, but we enjoyed a meal here. Melanie’s focuses on locally produced and organic food. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

664 W. King St.

MAST General Store 

There are a few locations in the Carolinas and the original one at Valle Crucis isn’t far from here, but I can never resist a stop at this one. My son raids the toy vehicles annually, while my husband and I raid the candy.

630 W. King St.



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