WR Social House on Marietta Square

WR Social House is another Marietta Square find thanks to my morning on the Marietta Food Tour. This restaurant used to be Willie Rae’s, but it is now owned by the same couple that operates The Butcher, The Baker next door, and it has undergone a complete overhaul.

On the tour I sampled the pimento cheese fritters topped with local honey and homemade hot sauce — and I happen to be a bit fanatical about pimento cheese.

Last weekend my husband and I decided to check out Vickery Creek Trail in Roswell, and at some point along the hike, my husband started fantasizing about a burger and a cold beer. Next thing I knew, it was all I could think about. When we reached the end of the trail, my husband asked if I wanted to do more, but the damage was done. I had to have a burger and NOW. I remembered the tour guides mentioning that WR Social House had great house-ground burgers with buns that are also made in-house, so we decided to check them out since we live near the Square and have been enjoying the explosion of new restaurants there.

After we were seated, we discovered it was actually still the Saturday brunch window. Not that breakfast didn’t sound good, but my heart was set on a burger and I was dismayed. Never fear, the attentive waitress quickly pointed out that the brunch menu still contains some regular items, including a couple burger options.

The Classic Burger
The Classic Burger    

While my husband and dad (we swung by and picked up my parents on the way since they were keeping the kiddo while we hiked) ordered the classic burger, My mom and I -SURPRISE!- ordered the pimento burgers with a fried green tomato. They typically cook their burgers at least medium-well, but even though I usually ask for medium, it was plenty juicy and came with a boatload of extremely tasty fries. The fries were perfectly salted in my opinion. I like a little more salt than most restaurants automatically put on them, so I really like when I find some I don’t need to salt at the table — it doesn’t stick as well, darn it. It’s like trying to sweeten unsweet tea, the existence of which shouldn’t even be legal. My mom isn’t a fry fan, so while they don’t formally offer substitutes, at least not at brunch, they were able to accommodate her with coleslaw.

Pimiento Cheese Burger
Pimento Cheese Burger

We ordered the goat cheese stuffed fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. Two of my favorite cheeses in one meal, and I didn’t even have to feel guilty since I went hiking that morning. Ahem.

I look forward to going back for another burger, and if I happen to be there during brunch, I might have to try the intriguing sounding pimento cheese grit waffle. Honestly, you could probably hand me a dirt sandwich and I’d eat it if it had pimento cheese on it. But enough about how gross I am.

Check out WR House at

25 North Park Square on Marietta Square

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