Vickery Creek Trail and Old Mill Park in Roswell, Georgia

IMG_9713The Vickery Creek Trail Complex is a nice little oasis in Atlanta’s northern suburb and city Roswell for a walk in the woods. We parked (free) and started on the side of the Old Mill Park with the old mill ruins and the covered bridge. I’d seen many photos of the bridge, and while it didn’t look very old, I was surprised to discover, being located in “Old” Mill Park, that it actually only dated back to the days of yore as defined by by Rachel Green on Friends — meaning it was built in 2004 to connect the park to the trails of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area across the creek. You can also start from the other side at Riverside Parkway where you will need to pay the park’s $3 parking fee. Difficulty level is rated easy to moderate depending on route.



Also dependent on the route you choose, you can log 3-5 miles. The trail maps aren’t particularly well-marked and the intersecting trails can be a bit confusing, nonetheless, you are never so far from civilization that you need to fear. You’ll pass another great photo op when you reach the waterfall created by the Vickery Creek Dam.

Vickery-Creek-North-Trails IMG_9752





Start at

400 Riverside Road Roswell

or Old Mill Park at 95 Mill View Ave. Roswell

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