Uncle Shuck’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch in Dawsonville, Georgia

photo-6Finally got to check one of my bucket list items off last week — a corn maze. Stephen King’s Children of the Corn left some people terrified of cornfields, but other weirdos, like me, felt the need to walk through one ever since.

That being said, we were not able to attend the Haunted Maze experience in the evening so I had to settle for a bright, sunny, gorgeous fall day at Uncle Shuck’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch. We were on our way home from a weekend in Dahlonega (post coming soon) and decided to stop on the way. I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go because my 3-year-old son has special needs. He can walk, but due to seizures, delays and autism, I knew expecting him to walk the entire time was not realistic. I had messaged Uncle Shuck’s early in the season to ask if the maze was doable with a stroller and I was told after the first couple weeks, the ground has usually been tramped on enough to make it doable. However, it had since rained quite a bit during the season, so I figured we’d take pics in the pumpkin patch and see if the maze was an option when we got there.


Fortunately it had not rained for the past week and it turned out to be doable. In fact, it turned out to be way easier than I ever expected, nowhere near the intense workout I prepared myself for. I was very thrilled.

The maze changes every year and this year’s theme was Greek mythology. We wound our way through Medusa’s twisting snakey hair. The irony is that while this was my idea, I have no sense of direction whatsoever. I’d still be in there if my husband wasn’t navigating, and his ease at finding his way to each station to collect our stamps and complete our card was quite impressive.

photo-7We took some pictures in the pumpkin patch and spent some time watching kids shoot the corn cannon at a junk car. Something about the hissing sound it made tickled my son to death and he was quite the spectacle laughing hysterically every time someone took a shot.

We also spent some time hanging out by the goat walk. The goats were standing by the fence checking people out, but during the time we were there nobody was able to coax them up onto the climbing apparatus.

Also available but we didn’t try this time around:



Tractor Tire playground

Haunted Maze


Food & Drink

Uncle Shuck’s is open for the 2015 season through Nov. 22. Hours and rates here. 4520 Highway 53 E
Dawsonville, GA 30534




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