Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market

IMG_5806It took me a while to get there, but I finally did it. And now I don’t know what I was waiting for.

Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market is a permanent site for a rotating selection of food trucks with free on-site parking, a small playground for the kids, lots of outdoor seating with umbrella covers, and even a fire pit, located at I-75 and Howell Mill.

Nope...not seven days a week. Check the site for hours.
Nope…not seven days a week. Check the site for hours.

The billboard says it is open seven days a week, but that is no longer the case — it
just wasn’t cost effective to correct it, in case you are curious like I was. It is currently open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out the web site for hours. Though the site has a list of rotating trucks, in order to see which will be there that day, you need check the Facebook page. The park accommodates up to 15 trucks at a time. We took cash to be safe, but some of the trucks accepted credit cards.

We walked around to survey the menu at each IMG_5805truck. My husband selected a cheesesteak from Philly Connection, and some garlic parmesan fries from The Patty Wagon to share. I grabbed some jerk mango chicken tacos and a side of plantains from Island Chef, specializing in Bahamian dishes. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my lunch surpassed my expectations. I went to the park thinking I’d grab something basic and the experience would be more about the setting, but my meal was absolutely delicious. If they are there next time I go, making myself branch out and try something new will be a challenge.



IMG_5808 (1)

1850 Howell Mill Rd.                                                                                                                    Atlanta, GA

From the site: We do have a one way entrance directly off of Howell Mill Road, but the easiest entrance is off of Emery Street which connects from Beck St (between Willy’s and Shell station) and off of Collier Road. The Emery Street entrance provides the easiest in and out access.

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