Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar at Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia

IMG_5528“Are you serious? I don’t have to drive all the way to — (insert Buford Highway, Gwinnett Mall…wherever you were going to get your bubble tea fix)!” This has been the rallying cry around Marietta. You can now get it in Marietta Square. Since I live in the area, I am quite delighted.

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar is run by a mother/daughter team and recently opened at 21 West Park Square. It is attached to the Vineyard Gift Shop.

Ordering is a little more complex than most of the places I’ve ordered it before (typically Korean operations, though the drink originated in Taiwan) because of the variety and types available. I’m used to seeing a list of a few flavors, and that’s about it, so I kept it simple with strawberries and cream. The consistency was a little thinner than I’m used to, but still refreshing on a sweltering summer day, and nothing beats the joy of sucking those little pearls of tapioca up through the fat straw. Check out the menu here.

IMG_5527The shop is small but cute, with a bar and tables to sit at. Since I had my son and his stroller, we decided to head across the street to the park and play on the train engine playground. With a number of restaurants and shops on the square, you can grab a tea as dessert, a power snack while shopping or to cool off while you relax on a park bench and look at the fountain.

As I passed by two women relaxing on a bench, I heard, “Excuse me! Where did you get that tea!?” I pointed out the shop to her. “You mean I don’t have to go all the way to…!”


Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar

21 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
(678) 581-3777

3 thoughts on “Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar at Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia

  1. thank you so much for this write up! I’m one of the owners (the daughter in our mother/daughter duo) And you are spot on with the buzz being that you can now get Bubble Tea on the Square… That’s everyone response when they first walk in! What makes Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar unique is that we are first Tea Lovers… Who make Bubble Tea. Meaning, the Tea is always good and the star of our drinks! We use gourmet loose leaf teas, fresh brewed in-house. And unlike any places I know, we don’t only use unflavored teas and then add flavors to it. Many of our Bubble Teas begin with a naturally flavored tea, letting the Tea itself really shine as the flavor in the drink! I highly recommend our Coconut Brown Sugar Bubble Tea… It’s made with an award winning Coconut Pouchong Oolong tea from a prized tea plantation in Anxi, China. Thanks Again, and if you are every not 100% happy with the drink you chose, hand it back and we’ll make it perfect for you! We could have definitely made the strawberries and cream thicker for you, we’re happy to customize it 🙂 Next time you are in, let me know it’s you so we can meet! Take care 🙂 -Brielle Gaines


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